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Moving camera test

This is a test of encoding content that has a high proportion of moving camera content.


Real Estate Video 1920 X 1080

This is another upload of the real estate video.  This time rendered out in 1920 X 1080 with square pixels at 2 Mbps avg/4 max, h.264

Short Intro Animation

This is an uploaded compressed MP4 file of an 8 second intro animation for one of our show’s segments.

This is test of scaling/distortion in the Videopress system.

Real Estate Videeo with Square Pixels

Same video as below with same render settings except rendered to 450 X 250 with square pixels prior to upload.

Another test video

Same video as posted earlier, however rendered as Mp4/h.264, 400 X 268, 2 pass VBR 3 mbps avg, 5 mbps max, main profile, level 3.1. Deinterlaced in PPro CS5 using right click on clip, then selecting “Always Deinterlace”. Encoding via Adobe Media Encoder contained inside PPro CS5

Another video Test Post

Here is an upload of a different rendered file of the Real Estate agent profile.  1.2 Mbps 850 X 480 square pixels mp4

Test iPhone Video